Countertop Sealing

Avoid stained, cracked countertops and preserve their natural beauty and durability with proper care and maintenance.

We seal all granite, marble, and natural stone products at install with our DRY Treat 15 year sealer. This sealer should last approximately 6-15 years, depending on how porous the stone you selected is. When you get a countertop installed, you’ll receive a care and maintenance packet with a guide to preserving the beauty and durability of your countertops. Contact us for countertop repair service, or to receive a copy of our maintenance guide.

Template & Install Instructions Routine Care & Cleaning

Countertop Cleaning and Maintenance

Quickly cleaning up spills and cleaning daily with warm water and mild dish soap are the best maintenance guidelines for daily use. Clean up spills quickly and clean your countertops with warm water and mild dish soap. Be careful when hand washing pots and pans in the sink, as the edge of the sink cutout is at the highest risk for chipping.

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Is it time to reseal my countertop?

When water no longer beads up on the surface, it’s time to reseal your countertop. Prevent stains and increase the lifespan of your countertops – contact us today to get them resealed!

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