Pricing Guide

While every project is unique due to the material and size of the project, we offer a FREE guide to help you determine which stone is going to be the best for your budget! If you’re looking to use stone surfaces in your next remodeling project, this guide will cover:

⁃ Granite
⁃ Quartz
⁃ Soapstone
⁃ Solid Surface

Natural stone is a popular choice when it comes to kitchen or bathroom countertops, but which material is best? Do you go with a classic granite countertop, or upgrade to quartz for a more updated look? What other stone materials work well as a countertop while providing the durability, beauty, and value you’re looking for? Download our free guide highlighting the most popular natural stone surface materials that provide the right mixture of value and quality.

Download Your Guide

Our minimum project price is $400.00 for small projects and $1,200.00 for kitchen projects. We do not sell scraps or remaining materials to customers. We only fabricate material from our trusted suppliers. We are not able to fabricate customer supplied material.