Do you price projects by square foot?

No. Bloomday prices on a per job basis. Square footage certainly goes into the formulation for your estimate, however that is not the only guideline we use. We consider install time, amount of cutouts, fabrication costs, template costs, taxes, and material charges. We’ll provide you or your client with one blanket cost to complete the project instead of listing out all “extra” costs for cutouts, holes, edge costs, etc.

What’s the difference between granite and quartz?

Granite is 100% natural stone. It has a more coarse pattern and tends to have more natural variations within the slab. Granite is generally less expensive than quartz at the entry level. It does require a sealer, which Bloomday applies with every install. Quartz, on the other hand, offers more uniform patterns, more solid colors, and no garnet. The surface tends to be smoother and does not require a sealant. Quartz does not react well to heat and can crack or break if it gets too hot.

Can I install my own counters? Will I save money?

Natural stone countertops are a high cost investment in your home. Your countertop may be prone to chips and cracks if not installed properly, which means you could be paying for a replacement.

We are experienced professionals who know how to get the job done right the first time. Let us take on the liability and responsibility. We offer warranties with every install. If we template and install the countertops, we are responsible if there are issues or if things do not fit properly. Please note that quartz and solid surface materials are not covered by warranty if we do not install them. Talk to your project manager about the details of your warranty.

If I provide my own sink, when does Bloomday need it?

If you have a farmhouse sink, your cabinets must be modified and a cradle built to hold the sink. It will need to be in its final resting position BEFORE we create a template. After that, if the sink is moved, the counters will no longer fit properly. For all other sinks provided by you, we will need them on the job site by the date of template to avoid a delay in your install.

Will I get to view or pick my materials?

Quartz is generally ordered by samples from the manufacturer. On arrival, Bloomday Granite will call you to come view and approve your material. Please note that quartz goes through a manufacturing process in which moires can be present in the finish of the polish. This appears as a hazy surface and cannot be removed.

With granite, you can either approve your slabs before template or visit our suppliers directly to hand pick your slabs in advance. If this material is placed on hold more than 2 weeks before template, you may be asked to pay a deposit to continue to hold the material.

How long is the process from template/laser measuring date to install?

In most instances the process takes approximately 1 ½ to 2 weeks. At certain times during the year, our schedule may be modified due to the number of projects we have underway. This may increase the time it takes us to complete a project. We will communicate your template and install date up front so you can plan accordingly once the estimate is signed and you’re ready to move forward.

When is payment due?

When a client is ready to proceed and materials need to be secured, a 50% deposit will be required unless an account with pre-approved net terms is established. Payment can be made by cash, personal check, or by credit card. There are 3-4% processing fees on credit card transactions.

Can I make changes to edges, sinks, and other items after template?

We will make every effort to accommodate any changes, however we cannot guarantee these changes can be made after day of template. We have a very strict timeline in which altering paperwork and drawings may affect your install date. Any changes must be made in writing and approved.

Why do I need to have my cabinets leveled?

Installation of stone on cabinetry more than 3/16 out of level has a higher risk for cracking and breakage. Bloomday has contacts available who will be able to level cabinets before install.  Please discuss this issue with your project manager for an answer specific to your situation.

Why do I need supports for the overhang of my island/raised bar?

Stone counters weigh approximately 20 lbs per square foot. The span of a bar or island overhang can be very heavy. People tend to underestimate that weight and will stand or push on the surface. If the weight is not adequately supported, the counter overhang can break and cause damage or injury.  

Please discuss any overhangs or raised bars with your project manager to determine the proper supports necessary for you.

When can I reconnect my plumbing?

As soon as the install is complete.

Do I need to remove my drawers from the cabinets before the countertops are installed?

You do not need to remove the drawers from the cabinets, as long as you have the sink cabinet clear we can install the countertops with no problems.

When should I install my tile backsplash?

You should wait until after the countertops are installed to begin your tile backsplash.

Should I paint my existing cabinets before or after the countertops are installed?

It does not matter – either way will work.

Do you have more questions?

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